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GNL Quintero

GNL Quintero provides clean, efficient and safe energy to central Chile

Our company plays a fundamental role in the country's energy security.

We receive energy from multiple global sources and deliver it to Chilean homes and industries.

Our Terminal has the best available technology for receiving, storing and regasifying Liquefied Natural Gas.

We work in harmony with the environment, handling one of the cleanest and most efficient energy sources.

We comply with the highest safety standards in the design, construction and operation of our Terminal.

We put our energy to work for the development of Quintero and its people.

GNL Quintero is committed to Sustainability.

  • GNL Quintero to Implement Important Operational Projects

    • The company has signed an agreement to protect the jetty in case of operational emergencies.
    • An agreement has also been reached for the construction of an internal back-up power plant at the Terminal to permit operational continuity in the event of a power cut.
  • GNL Quintero Signs Agreement with Housing Ministry for Quintero Market Improvement Project

    The company has already prepared the architectural project and engineering with all the specialist plans and is now in the process of obtaining the approval of the Social Development Ministry. On completion of this stage, the Valparaíso Housing and Urban Development Service (SERVIU) and the Valparaíso Regional Office of the Housing Ministry (SEREMI) will provide funding for the work.
  • GNL Quintero Launches Educational Program on Care for Birds of Prey

    • The program seeks to create awareness of the contribution that birds of prey make to the maintenance of ecosystems.
    • Falconry techniques are used to control seagulls on the GNL Quintero jetty.
  • GNL Quintero Receives 100th Ship

    Since its start of operations in 2009, the GNL Quintero Terminal has received 13.5 million m3 of LNG, equivalent to around 8 billion Sm3 of natural gas, from different parts of the world, making an important contribution to energy security in central Chile.
  • GNL Quintero approves 50% expansion of Terminal's Regasification Capacity
    • Once the expansion has been completed, the GNL Quintero Terminal's regasification capacity will reach approximately 15 million Sm3/day. The project has a total cost of some US$30 million and will come into service in the first half of 2015.
    • “This initiative will, in the short term, provide the infrastructure required to bring a significant additional volume of natural gas to central Chile, which is very good news for the country in both economic and environmental terms,” said the company's General Manager Antonio Bacigalupo.
  • GNL Quintero Receives Honor Award from Chilean Safety Association (ACHS)

    The Honor Award is the highest distinction which a company can receive from the ACHS and is a recognition of its excellent safety results.
  • GNL Quintero Loads 5,000th Tanker Truck with Liquefied Natural Gas

    GNL Quintero's Truck Loading Facility allows it to distribute Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to new parts of Chile and represents a contribution to the country's energy security and diversification.
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