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GNL Quintero

GNL Quintero provides clean, efficient and safe energy to central Chile

Our company plays a fundamental role in the country's energy security.

We receive energy from multiple global sources and deliver it to Chilean homes and industries.

Our Terminal has the best available technology for receiving, storing and regasifying Liquefied Natural Gas.

We work in harmony with the environment, handling one of the cleanest and most efficient energy sources.

We comply with the highest safety standards in the design, construction and operation of our Terminal.

We put our energy to work for the development of Quintero and its people.

GNL Quintero is committed to Sustainability.

Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago visits GNL Quintero Terminal

• The Prime Minister was able to learn in detail about operation of the Terminal which is constantly receiving ships with LNG from Trinidad and Tobago.

Quintero, April 30, 2017.-

As part of his official visit to our country, the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Keith Rowley, visited the installations of the GNL Quintero Terminal.

On the visit, he was accompanied by a delegation of government ministers and diplomatic representatives who were also joined by Chile’s Undersecretary for Energy, Jimena Jara. The authorities were received by the General Manager of GNL Quintero, Antonio Bacigalupo, with whom they toured its installations and were able to learn more about their operation.

Trinidad and Tobago is one of the principal sources of the LNG processed by GNL Quintero. Since the Terminal began operation in 2009, it has received 225 ships from Trinidad and Tobago, including the first LNG boat to arrive in Chile, the Methane Jane Elizabeth, and, in this sense, the country is an important part of the Company’s history.

Antonio Bacigalupo thanked the Prime Minister and the delegation for their visit, indicating that “we are honored to have received Prime Minister Rowley at our Terminal. We were able to share our experience and explain the importance of our operation for the security of Chile’s energy supply and the different uses that LNG today has in our country.”

About GNL Quintero

GNL Quintero is the first Terminal for the reception, unloading, storage and regasification of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the southern hemisphere. Since starting operation in 2009, it has safely and reliably supplied demand for natural gas in central Chile.

Its shareholders are Terminal de Valparaíso S.A. (Enagás Chile) with 40%, Omers Infrastructure Chile Holdings II SpA with 29.6%, ENAP with 20% and Terminal Bahía de Quintero SpA (Enagás Chile-Omers) with 10.4%, all prestigious companies with proven experience in the energy and infrastructure industries.

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