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GNL Quintero

GNL Quintero provides clean, efficient and safe energy to central Chile

Our company plays a fundamental role in the country's energy security.

We receive energy from multiple global sources and deliver it to Chilean homes and industries.

Our Terminal has the best available technology for receiving, storing and regasifying Liquefied Natural Gas.

We work in harmony with the environment, handling one of the cleanest and most efficient energy sources.

We comply with the highest safety standards in the design, construction and operation of our Terminal.

We put our energy to work for the development of Quintero and its people.

GNL Quintero is committed to Sustainability.

Energy Minister visits GNL Quintero to learn about Terminal's Operation

• The Minister was able to learn on the ground about the company’s contribution to Chile’s energy security and how it is preparing to address the sector’s future challenges.

Quintero, September 27, 2017.-

Chile’s Energy Minister, Andrés Rebolledo, made a technical visit to the GNL Quintero Terminal. He was received by the General Manager of GNL Quintero, Antonio Bacigalupo, the Chairman of the Board, José Antonio De las Heras, and two of the company’s directors, Nicolás García Nielsen and Andrés González Atala, who accompanied him on a tour of the facility.

During his visit, Minister Rebolledo was informed about the Terminal’s operational performance and its importance for the country’s energy matrix. In addition, he was able to learn more about the status of GNL Quintero’s Phase II Expansion Project, which will allow the company to increase its regasification capacity and, most importantly, will make the system more robust and improve supply security.

Referring to this important visit, Antonio Bacigalupo indicated that, “the Minister’s presence at our Terminal provided an opportunity to show him on the ground how, through our operation of excellence, we make an important contribution to the energy matrix, supplying demand for natural gas and LNG in central Chile safely, reliably and efficiently.”

GNL Quintero executives and Minister Rebolledo also analyzed the energy market’s future challenges in which gas will play a significant role, not only as a complement to renewable sources of electricity but also as an alternative for other markets such as the transport sector.

GNL Quintero already plays an important role in Chile’s energy matrix. Power generation from natural gas accounted for 18.7% of all the electricity produced in the country’s Central Interconnected System in 2016. The natural gas processed at the Terminal also serves some 700,000 residential and commercial users, 450 industries, two refineries and 6,000 taxis, collective taxis and commercial vehicles.

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