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GNL Quintero

GNL Quintero provides clean, efficient and safe energy to central Chile

Our company plays a fundamental role in the country's energy security.

We receive energy from multiple global sources and deliver it to Chilean homes and industries.

Our Terminal has the best available technology for receiving, storing and regasifying Liquefied Natural Gas.

We work in harmony with the environment, handling one of the cleanest and most efficient energy sources.

We comply with the highest safety standards in the design, construction and operation of our Terminal.

We put our energy to work for the development of Quintero and its people.

GNL Quintero is committed to Sustainability.


Quintero, November 10, 2016.-

On November 10, a seminar on Sustainable Business in Chile: Public-Private Experience took place at the headquarters of the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) in Santiago. The main purpose of the event was to share and raise awareness of experiences in Chile as regards compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) launched earlier this year by the United Nations.

Speakers at the seminar, organized by the Economy Ministry’s Council on Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development, included representatives of state and private companies as well as experts in the field. Alfonso Salinas, GNL Quintero’s Sustainability Manager, participated in a panel on how private companies contribute to sustainable development, together with executives from Colbún and Unilever.

Speaking about the event, Salinas indicated that “this seminar was an excellent opportunity to talk about how GNL Quintero makes its contribution to the UN goals by managing its business in such a way that sustainability is incorporated into all areas of the company; in addition, we could exchange views about the challenges that the public and private sectors face in this field.”

The seminar was chaired by Natalia Piergentili, Undersecretary for Economy, and Antonio Prado, Deputy Executive Secretary of ECLAC. Participants in the different panels included Javier Vidal, a professor at Spain’s University of Alicante; Judith Schönsteiner, director of the Human Rights Center of Chile’s Diego Portales University; and Bernardita Escobar, President of Chile’s System of State Companies (SEP).

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