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GNL Quintero

GNL Quintero provides clean, efficient and safe energy to central Chile

Our company plays a fundamental role in the country's energy security.

We receive energy from multiple global sources and deliver it to Chilean homes and industries.

Our Terminal has the best available technology for receiving, storing and regasifying Liquefied Natural Gas.

We work in harmony with the environment, handling one of the cleanest and most efficient energy sources.

We comply with the highest safety standards in the design, construction and operation of our Terminal.

We put our energy to work for the development of Quintero and its people.

GNL Quintero is committed to Sustainability.


GNL Quintero is a private corporation whose shareholders are Terminal de Valparaíso S.A. (Enagás Chile), Omers Infrastructure Chile Holdings II SpA, ENAP and Terminal Bahía de Quintero SpA (Enagás Chile-OMERS), prestigious companies with long experience in the energy and infrastructure industries.


Ownership of GNL Quintero



Terminal de Valparaíso S.A. (40%)

This company is wholly owned by Enagás Chile, a subsidiary of Enagás, a leading world energy company.

Enagas Enagás is a midstream company with almost 50 years of experience and a leading international position in the development and maintenance of gas infrastructure and the operation and management of complex gas networks. It is certified by the European Union as an independent Transmission System Operator (TSO) and has operations in Spain, Latin America (Mexico, Chile and Peru) and Europe (Sweden, Italy, Greece and Albania). Since its listing in 2002, it has been part of the Ibex 35.

Omers Infrastructure Chile Holdings II SpA (29.6%)

The Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) is a pension fund that was created in 1962 to manage the retirement benefits of local government employees in Canada’s Ontario Province. It has become one of the country’s largest institutional investors and has investments around the world.


ENAP (20%)

ENAPEmpresa Nacional del Petróleo is owned by the State of Chile. Created in 1950, its activities cover all the value chain of the oil industry, from hydrocarbons exploration through to the marketing of fuel.
The company is involved in exploration and production activities in Latin America and North Africa. Its assets include three refineries - Aconcagua (Region V), Bío Bío (Region VIII) and Gregorio (Region XII) - as well as refining and logistics assets in Magallanes (Region XII) and a stake in the retail distribution business in Peru and Ecuador.

Terminal de Bahía de Quintero SpA (10.4%)

This vehicle for investment in GNL Quintero is formed by Enagás Chile (51.9%) and OMERS (48.1%).

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